NYC Dining

Few of Our Favorites Time Tested Tastes

New York City's restaurants and nightlife are legendary, and no more so than on the Lower East Side, where trendsetters flock to try out the latest hotspots and dining destinations. From gastropubs to nouveau American, tapas to Italian wine bars and classic New York delis - you'll find the best of the New York dining scene right here in our downtown Manhattan neighborhood. Here's a quick culinary guide.">Katz's Delicatessen
Cuisine: New York Deli
Phone: 212-254-2246">Capsouto Frères
Cuisine: French Bistro
Phone: 212-966-4900">'inoteca
Cuisine: Italian Wine Bar
Phone: 212-614-0473

>Joe's Shanghai
Cuisine: Chinese/Dumplings
Phone: 212-233-8888